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Section B 2a-Self Check 【学习目标】 掌 握 并 灵 活 运 用 本 课 的 重 点 词 汇 : stepmother、wife、husband、whole、scene、stone、shine、as soon as、ground、lead、voice、inside、brave 【重点难点】 阅读与写作技能。 【课前热身】  一、英汉互译。 leave sb. to do sth. _________ make a plan to do sth. _________ go to sleep _________ lead sb. to sp. _________ get lost _________ change one’s plan _________ 叫某人做某事 _________ 在月光下_________ 找到某人回家的路 _________ 第二天 _________ 派某人去某地 _________ 来自 _________ 直到…才… _________ 一直做某事 _________ 二、重点句型 … not … until十从句 例句:Don’t eat it until you get to the forest. 翻译:_______________________。 【课堂探究】 一、plan的用法 1、用作动词 (1)plan to do sth. = mean to do 计划干…,打算干… 如: I plan to plant some vegetables in the garden。 (2)had planned to do 本来计划干… 如: I had planned to water the vegetables yesterday, but there was no water in the well 2、用作名词make a plan to do sth. 练: 1、他们计划这个星期天去看歌剧演出。 They _____ _______ _______ to the opera this Sunday. 2、 制订了一个计划比执行它要容易些。 It is easier to _______ than to carry it out. 二. keep的用法 1、 用作系动词,意为“保持(某种状态)”,其后常 接形容词作表语。 如: Please keep quiet / silent! 请保持安静! After the accident, he still kept alive. 这次事故之后,他仍然活着。 2、用作实义动词,可表示: (1)保管;保存;保留。 如: Keep the change. 零钱不用找了。 Please keep these things for me while I am away. 在我离开期间,请你替我保管这些东西。 (2)赡养;饲养。 如: Does he earn enough to keep himself and his family? 他的收入够养活他自己和他的家人吗? I used to keep sheep in my childhood. 我在孩提时常常养羊。 (3)经营。 如: Her father kept a grocer's shop for a number of years. 她父亲开了几年杂货店。 (4)坚持;继续。后面如接动词,要用 V-ing 形式作 宾语。 如: If you keep (on) practising your spoken English, you'll soon make great progress. 如果你坚持练习英语口语,你很快就会取得很 大的进步。 (5) 阻止;阻碍。常用于 keep sb. / sth. from doing sth. 结构中,其中介词 from 不能省略。 如: The heavy rain didn't keep them from watching the football match. 大雨没能阻止他们观看足球赛。 (6)保持。其后常接复合宾语,表示使(某人或某 物)保持某种状态或使某一动作继续。 ① keep + sb. / sth. + 介词。 如:If your hands are cold, keep them in your pockets. 如果你觉得手冷,就把它们放在口袋里。 ② keep + sb. / sth. + 形容词。 如:These gloves will keep your hands warm. 这种手套保暖好。 ③ keep +sb. / sth. + 副词。 如:The cold weather kept us indoors. 寒冷的天气使我们呆在家里。 ④ keep + sb. / sth. + V-ing 形式,表示“让某人 / 某物 一直……”,强调动作的持续性。 如:I'm sorry I've kept you waiting. 很抱歉,让你久等了。 ⑤ keep + sb. / sth. + V-ed 形式,表示“让某人 / 某物 一直被……”,宾语是 V-ed 形式,表示的动作的承受者。 如:She kept her eyes shut and stayed where she was. 她紧闭双眼,呆在原地未动。 练: 1、You must look after yourself and keep ________(健康)。 2、 If you keep _______ (练习 ) your spoken English, you’ll soon make great progress. 三、状语从句 1. 地点状语从句,地点状语从句通常由 where, wherever 引导。 例如:Where I live there are plenty of trees. 我住的地方树很多。 2.方式状语从句,通常由 as, (just) as…so…, as if, as though引导。 例如:Always do to the others as you would be done by. 你希望人家怎样待你,你就要怎样待人。 3.原因状语从句, because, since, as和 for 例如:I didn't go, because I was afraid. He is absent today, because / for he is ill. 4.目的状语从句:表示目的状语的从句可以由 that, so that, in order that, lest, for fear that, in case等词引导, 例如:You must speak louder so that /in order that you can be heard by all. 5.结果状语从句:结果状语从句常由 so… that 或 such…that引导,掌握这两个句型,首先要了解 so 和 such与其后的词的搭配规律。比较:so和 such;其规律 由 so与 such的不同词性决定。such 是形容词,修饰名词 或名词词组,so 是副词,只能修饰形容词或副词。 so 还 可与表示数量的形容词 many, few, much, little连用,形 成固定搭配。so many people … 6.条件状语从句:连接词主要有 if, unless, as/so long as, on condition that 等。. 7.让步状语从句:though, although  注意: 当有 though, although时,后面的从句不能有 but,但是 though 和 yet可连用 8.时间状语从句:while, when, as:until和 till:as soon as 9.比较状语从句:Than, as … as,not as … as 【当堂检测】 一.根据句意及汉语提示完成句子。 1、Although he is little, he is_______(勇敢的). 2、The old man likes walking in the ______(月光). 3、The ________and _______like their son very much。 4、They are interested in ________(听) to music. 5、Can you hear his ________(声音)? 二、单项选择。 1、I will call you ________I arrive in Beijing. A. since B. as soon as C. unless D. when 2、The coat is _______expensive ________I can’t afford it. A. such; that B. so; that C. so; but D. such; but 3、Tony is ______.He says hello to everyone. A. strict B. naughty C. unfriendly D. friendly 【教学反思】
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